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Our Services

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Private Mooring Installation and  Annual Servicing

Whether you are after a new private mooring installation or it's time for your annual mooring service, NRMS has got you covered! Our team constructs all of our mooring apparatus using quality tested materials and to the specifications outlined by Transport for New South Wales, giving our customers piece of mind that there vessel is safely anchored throughout even the roughest weather events.

NRMS is listed by TfNSW as a recognised mooring contractor and are able to lift and replace worn components on your mooring, supplying you with certification that can be passed on to the appropriate authorities.  

****PLEASE NOTE**** It is a requirement to have private mooring serviced annually by a recognised mooring contractor in order to validate terms and condition of insurance policies. 

Commercial Mooring Rental

Whether your are awaiting maintenance or a safe place to seek shelter in dangerous weather, Northern Rivers Marine Services offers its customers and member of the public long and short term commercial mooring.


With moorings located in both Yamba and Iluka, we have the moorings to keep you safe until the time comes for you to head off on your next adventure.


Marine Salvage and Disposal

Northern Rivers Marine Services offers a variety of salvage and disposal services including towing, commercial diving and waste disposal. 

Our barge and crane fleet coupled with our experienced Project Managers and Commercial Divers means NRMS has the man and boat power to assist in all salvaging scenarios. Our in house salvage spread includes lift bags, rigging, salvage winches, hull repair plugs and materials. 

Engineering and Construction Support

NRMS diverse array of work vessels make us your #1 choice for supporting the construction of waterfront infrastructure. Our work punts and dumb barges can easily be transported to your desired location and offer the perfect location for work to be carried out in a safe, stable manner. 


Aerial Spotting

Want to save time locating submerged vessels and materials? The crew at NRMS has got you covered! Our Piper Archer aircraft and its crew have the ability to navigate river systems and generate GPS points 


Marine paint and chandlery supplies

Our office, located in Charles Street Iluka (NSW) is home to our marine paint and chandlery store. NRMS is now the proud supplier of Carboline and Altex antifoul, single and two-pack paints.  Our office, located in Charles Street Iluka (NSW) and positioned adjoining ThriftyLink hardware is home to our marine paint and chandlery store, offering boat cleaning supplies, commercial grade chain and rope at affordable prices.

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