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Ongoing navigation aid repair and replacement - RMS NSW

Northern Rivers Marine is services is the current contract holder responsible for the repair and maintenance of navigational aides in the Clarence, Minnie Waters and Wooli River Catchments.  

Flood Works 2021

The March 2021 flood on the Clarence saw large amounts of debris carried down our river leaving behind a path of destruction. NRMS was enlisted by Transport for New South Wales to carry out emergency breakdown repairs on a number of navigational buoys and aides between Sealands and the mouth of the river. 

Sportsman Creek Bridge - Delaney Civil /RMS

Contracted by Delaney Civil, NRMS supplied assistance vessels for the recent Sportsman Creek Bridge upgrade. Our vessel 'Suma Suma' provides the perfect water-based platform for your scaffolding needs, making those high, hard to reach locations easily accessible via the water. 

Commercial mooring upgrade - Yamba Marina

NRMS vessels and skippers assisted in the upgrade of existing and installation of new commercial moorings within the marina precinct.

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