Sea~Barrier® 3000 is a high performance ablative antifouling coating. It is recommended for use where regulations ban the use of organo-tin based products. Sea~Barrier® 3000 is the ideal antifouling coating for: • New builds & maintenance docking • Barges & Tug-Boats • Ferries & Fishing Vessels • Charter Vessels & Yachts • Multi-season anti-fouling protection

Sea Barrier3000 Antifoul 10L - Blue

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    • High performance TBT-free (Tri-Butyl Tin-free) antifouling
    • Self polishing/ablative mechanism inhibits the attachment of fouling organisms
    • Excellent static exposure performance
    • Controls common types of fouling for periods up to 36 months, depending on sailing pattern and applied system
    • Increased periods between dry dockings leading to reduction in operating costs
    • Case histories to 5 years protection